EMDRIA Approved Consultation

E. C. Hurley, DMin, PhD, is an experienced EMDR Trainer, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, and well experienced therapist who has been
a licensed psychotherapist for over 35 years.  He provided EMDR therapy to veterans and military personnel experiencing complex
PTSD with a range of dissociative exhibitions providing 8-10 sessions a day for 5 1/2 days.  

Extensive experience in treating addictions ranging from alcohol, other drugs, sex addiction, compulsive relationship problems.  Trained
by the U.S. Navy in their addictions recovery program, and sexual addiction by Pactrick Carnes and the IITAP staff.   He understands compulsivity within the frame of attempted regulation of psychological pain.

Trained by Francine Shapiro, the founder of EMDR therapy, he applies the Adaptive Information processing model in conceptualizing
and developing treatment plans and trains EMDR therapists to provide effective treatment to clients with a broad range of life

Consultation is provided via phone, Skype and Zoom.  Dr. Hurley provides consultation to EMDR therapists world-wide.