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Soldier Center, Clarksville, TN - founded by E. C. Hurley, PhD - is recognized as an EMDR treatment and training center as listed in "EMDR: The breakthrough therapy for overcoming  anxiety, stress, and trauma" by Shapiro, F., & Forrest, M. (2016) 2nd Edition, p. 270.

We provide EMDR basic and advanced professional trainings.  All our staff are full-time therapists who specialize in providing EMDR therapy. When Dr. Hurley is not providing EMDR training he is either consulting or in the treatment room.  In addition to weekly sessions, we provide EMDR daily intensive treatment.  Our clients travel from through out the U.S. to utilize our treatment programs including military personnel referred for our intense EMDR therapy from Alaska to the Carolinas and Texas to New York.

We provide opportunities for you to develop your EMDR clinical skills with programs ranging from EMDR basic trainings, EMDR advanced trainings, consultation, and externships

We not only train you in EMDR basic training - we offer opportunites for your continued skill development.

April 13-14, 2019   open to EMDR trained mental health professionals

                                 EMDR Basic Training - 2020

                Discount available when groups of 3 or more from the same
                                              agency register at the same time.

   7-9 Feb  EMDR Basic  Pt 1     TN Disaster MH Strike Team Providers (Closed Group)
                                                             (Part 2 =Mar 20-22)
    Mar 9-13  EMDR 5-day           Veteran-Focused Basic (Parts 1 & 2)

     March 20-22                              EMDR Basic (Part 1);   May 29-31 (Part 2)

    June 26-28                                  EMDR Basic (Part 1); Aug 14-16 (Part 2)
    Sep 11-13                                    EMDR Basic (Part 1); Nov 6-8 (Part 2)



EMDR Early Intervention Training  - for treating survivors of man-made and natural disaster.

Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol  and Group Traumatic Events Protocol

To be rescheduled in the Fall, 2020

This EMDR Early Intervention (EEI) training offers training in the Recent -Traumatic Events Protocol (R-TEP) and Group-Traumatic Events Protocols (G-TEP) developed by Elan Shapiro & Burit Laub for the purpose of equipping EMDR trained therapists to respond to the needs of survivors of natural and man-made disasters. The R-TEP protocol allows EMDR providers, both military and civilian, to treat persons experiencing over-whelming recent events with an individual treatment while entire groups of survivors can be treated with the G-TEP. EMDR trained providers will gain valuable resources to serve their communities during times of disaster. The presenter has utilized these protocols in treating survivors of combat stress, as well as hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires and persons who witnessed suicidal acts. His experiences are integrated with the training along with live demonstrations and videos.

    Our home - Clarksville, TN

    We are here - for your training, consultation and future clinical skill  
     development in EMDR therapy.

     We  offer EMDR basic and advanced trainings, consultation, and 
      externship opportunities for therapists to advance their clinical skills.

    We are here after the training to provide follow-up support and 

    This is  an EMDR theapy  base of operation for continuing EMDR therapy 

    EMDR Early Intervention Training

   Treating survivors of disaster - natural and man-made

    April --Cancelled---------, 2020

      2-Days of EMDRIA Approved EMDR Early Intervention Training

      Taught by E. C. Hurley, PhD - an approved EMDR Early Intervention Trainer 
       who has used EEI in treating survivors of Hurrican Katrina, tornadoes of  
Moore, Oklahoma, and more recently survivors of middle-Tennessee

    Recent-Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP)

    Group-Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP)




  -  We provide the same standardized EMDR therapy training as provided by the EMDR Institute.

  -  We also provide specialized military-focused EMDR training for providers who treat military, 
      veterans and their families.

  -  Dr. Hurley has years of expereince in training clinicians who work in agencies assisting them to 
      integrate their learning into the agency environment.

  -  Dr. Hurley established Soldier Center/The Marriage and Family Institute as a private practice
     which grew into a community-based treatment program, he has a keen understanding in
     assisting therapists in private practice as they integrate EMDR therapy into the private practice goals.

                         Looking for EMDR Training for Disaster Response?  Here it is, offered in Tennessee

This training is CANCELLED due to COVID-19 restrictions in the state of Tennessee