EMDR Basic Trainings 2020

offered at Soldier Center


 Note: Persons registred for our trainings have the extra benefit of our Pre-training courses and Consultation vidoes included in the total cost.  The required 10 hours of consultation is included in the cost of the training.  Consultation is provided by Dr. Hurley and his staff who have years of  experience with EMDR therapy.

EMDR Basic Training - 2020

                  Feb 7-9                                      EMDR Basic  Pt 1     TN Disaster MH Strike Team Providers (Closed Group)
                                                                        (Part 2 =Mar 20-22)
                  Mar 9-13  EMDR 5-day          Veteran-Focused Basic (Parts 1 & 2)

                  Apr 3-5                                       EMDR Basic (Part 1);   May 29-31 (Part 2)

                  June 26-28                                EMDR Basic (Part 1); Aug 14-16 (Part 2)
                  Sep 11-13                                  EMDR Basic (Part 1); Nov 6-8 (Part 2)

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