At Soldier Center we provide opportunities for clinicians to develop their EMDR clinical  
 skills ranging from our basic training, our EMDR advanced training, and the development of
advanced clinical skills through our EMDR externship program.

 Research has shown that fidelity to the EMDR approach and treatment dose produces  
 more positive treatment results.  In other words, learning to provide EMDR treatment
 taught as the standard protocol works. Dr. Hurley, in his upcoming book, A Clinician's to
treating Military and Veterans with EMDR Therapy
devotes a chapter titled "When EMDR   

therapy does not work with some therapists" addresses that some therapists do not follow
the EMDR protocol.  For whatever reason,   We are dedicated to insuring those persons we
train have the opportunity to excell in developing their clinical skills.  We even provide an
externship program where therapists with strong potential are receive additional training
and consultation working with our staff.  Consultation can count toward EMDRIA
Certification.  With our externship program we even offer a certification as an EMDR
for therapists who treat veterans, military personnel and their

families.  This is reserved for persons who demonstrate an advanced level of clinical skills.