EMDR Basic Trainings 2019

offered at Soldier Center

Spring 2019

MARCH 18-22, 2019                5-Day Veterans' Focus EMDR Basic Training    
                                            (for persons who treat military, veterans and their families)  

March 29-31    EMDR Level 1
May 3-5         EMDR Level 2

Fall 2019

August 9-11 EMDR Level 1
Sep 13-15 EMDR Level 2


                                Note: Persons registred for our trainings have the extra benefit of our Pre-training courses and Consultation vidoes included in the total cost.  The required 10 hours of consultation is included in the cost of the training.  Consultation is provided by Dr. Hurley and his staff who have years of military/VA experience with EMDR therapy.

Download an information flyer on our 2019 EMDR Basic Trainings offered at Soldier Center, Clarksville, TN