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Dr. Hurley as developed a new LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS)  for persons who attend our trainings as well as those who seek EMDR consultation - which provides vidoes of EMDR basic training modules as well as clinical demonstrations of common clinical issues of EMDR applications during his EMDR consultions.  This allows those who attend our trainings to have access of training videos 24/7 for their own clinical skills development by a senior EMDR clinician and EMDR approved trainer.

                 EMDR Basic Training includes:

                            - 10 hours consultation (no additional cost)
                            - 40 Continuing Education units
                            - All manuals for EMDR Parts 1 & 2 training
                               Additionally, Dr. Hurley has developed the following EMDR training to assist your clinical

                            - Access to training videos for viewing while developing skills.
                            - Online EMDR Pre-Training Preparation study before you attend the training (enhances your
                            -Additional class on "EMDR Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning" (optional)
                            - Access to further EMDR skill development programs including advanced trainings (treating adults
                               abused as children, treating complex PTSD with dissociative exhibitions, treating moral injury, and
                               treating military sexual trauma) and an EMDR externship program developed by the trainer, 
                               Hurley, at Soldier Center.


Soldier Center, Clarksville, TN - founded by E. C. Hurley, PhD - is recognized as an EMDR treatment and training center as listed in "EMDR: The breakthrough therapy for overcoming  anxiety, stress, and trauma" by Shapiro, F., & Forrest, M. (2016) 2nd Edition, p. 270.

We provide EMDR basic and advanced professional trainings.  All our staff are full-time therapists who specialize in providing EMDR therapy. When Dr. Hurley is not providing EMDR training he is either consulting or in the treatment room.  In addition to weekly sessions, we provide EMDR daily intensive treatment.  Our clients travel from through out the U.S. to utilize our treatment programs including military personnel referred for our intense EMDR therapy from Alaska to the Carolinas and Texas to New York.

New  -  We designed this resource for persons attending our   EMDR Therapy Basic Trainings - you have access to our training PowerPoint and videos 24/7 for review.

    New research authored by Dr. Hurley at 
    Soldier Center
published in Frontiers   
    Psychology Journal (August 2018)

    We provide EMDR training - research - and          
    therapyCaring for present needs while   
    preparing mental health professionals for
    continuing clinical skill development!

New research from Soldier Center has been  published in Frontiers Psychology Journal,

E. C. Hurley, PhD author


Dr. Hurley trained the U.S. Air Force mental health providers at Wright-Pattersone Air Force Base recently.  They are a great group of mental health providers who continue to care of our military personnel and their families.

Dr. Hurley provides EMDR basic training at the Clarksville, Tennessee location as well as contracted trainings at various U.S. military and veteran agencies world-wide.

For information on our EMDR trainings please send us a message via the message box below.

Become a part of the solution to today's crisis!  Learn Rolf Carriere's dream of healing world-wide trauma with EMDR therapy

2019  EMDR Basic Training Schedule - Tennessee

March 29-31 (Level 1)                  May 3-5 (Level 2)  Standardized EMDR training for all mental health providers

March 18-22 (combined Level 1 & 2) EMDR Basic Training Military/Veteran-Focused
(for persons who treat military & veteran populations)


April 13-14, 2019   open to all mental health professionals

We all wish tradegies would not happen.

However, when they do happen there are early intervention approaches available to respond to those impacted.

EMDR Early Intervention protocols assit mental health providers in being prepared to serve their communities.  These approaches have been used in numberous disasters ranging from accidents to man-made and natural disasters, from the  shootings in Los Vegas and Sandy Hookto hurrican Katrina and tornados  - even in war zones, these EMDR Early Intervention protocols have been instrumental in helping persons effected to reclaim their lifes..  You can be trained in these approaches at our offices in Clarksville, TN as Dr. Hurley is an approved trainer.

April 13              Recent - Traumatic Events Protocol

April 14              Group - Traumatic Events Protocol

This training is open to all mental health providers - you do not have to be previously trained in EMDR therapy to attend this training.

Location: Soldier Center, Clarksville, TN

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