EMDR Therapy is recognized by numerous professional organizations including the following: 

     ♦  American Psychiatric Association (2004)

     ♦  VA/DOD Clinical Practice Guidelines (2004, 2010)

     ♦  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services  Administration (SAMHSA) (2012)

     ♦  World Health Organization (2014)

These EMDR therapy trainings are approved by the EMDR Institute.

The trainer, Dr. E. C. Hurley, is an EMDRIA Approved Provider and Approved Consultant who was trained by Dr. Francine Shapiro, the developer of EMDR therapy.  He is a frequent EMDR presenter at various professional conferences and trainings.

Therapists have found EMDR therapy to be effective in the treatment of:

Panic attacks                                 Complicated grief    
Phobias                                             Attachment trauma
Acute stress                                   PTSD             
Depression                                     Sexual Assault
Anger                                                 Addictions        
Eating disorders                         Physical Assault
Personality disorders              Body dysmorphic disorders 
Performance Anxiety              Disturbing memories      
Nightmares                                     Pain Management                  
Phantom Limb Pain

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Dr. Hurley as developed a new LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS)  for persons who attend our trainings as well as those who seek EMDR consultation - which provides vidoes of EMDR basic training modules as well as clinical demonstrations of common clinical issues of EMDR applications during his EMDR consultions.  This allows those who attend our trainings to have access of training videos 24/7 for their own clinical skills development by a senior EMDR clinician and EMDR approved trainer.


                 EMDR Basic Training includes:

                            - 10 hours consultation (no additional cost)
                            - 40 Continuing Education units
                            - All manuals for EMDR Parts 1 & 2 training
                            - Access to training videos for viewing while developing skills.

Soldier Center, Clarksville, TN - founded by E. C. Hurley, PhD - is recognized as an EMDR treatment and training center as listed in "EMDR: The breakthrough therapy for overcoming  anxiety, stress, and trauma" by Shapiro, F., & Forrest, M. (2016) 2nd Edition, p. 270.

We provide EMDR basic and advanced professional trainings.  All our staff are full-time therapists who specialize in providing EMDR therapy. When Dr. Hurley is not providing EMDR training he is either consulting or in the treatment room.  In addition to weekly sessions, we provide EMDR daily intensive treatment.  Our clients travel from through out the U.S. to utilize our treatment programs including military personnel referred for our intense EMDR therapy from Alaska to the Carolinas and Texas to New York.

New  -  We designed this resource for persons attending our   EMDR Therapy Basic Trainings - you have access to our training PowerPoint and videos 24/7 for review.

    New research authored by Dr. Hurley at 
    Soldier Center
published in Frontiers   
    Psychology Journal (August 2018)

    We provide EMDR training - research - and          
    therapyCaring for present needs while   
    preparing mental health professionals for
    continuing clinical skill development!

To insure our training participants develop strong clinical skills, participants in our trainings have password access to our learning management system with our own training videos available 24/7 during and following training.

Check out a video from our EMDR learning system
The Development of EMDR Therapy

New research from Soldier Center has been  published in Frontiers Psychology Journal,

E. C. Hurley, PhD author


Dr. Hurley trained the U.S. Air Force mental health providers at Wright-Pattersone Air Force Base recently.  They are a great group of mental health providers who continue to care of our military personnel and their families.

The new ISTSS guidelines for the treatment of PTSD include EMDR therapy in recognition of EMDR’s effectiveness.

Dr. Hurley provides EMDR basic training at the Clarksville, Tennessee location as well as contracted trainings at various U.S. military and veteran agencies world-wide.